Saturday, May 13, 2017


I Love the Little Things

Thiodina hespera Spiderling

I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY. Even if I can't go out as often as I'd like. (read, almost never) So I generally focus on the things I find right around and outside of my home. Like the above image in this post. A tiny, spiderling, Jumping Spider. Over the years, taking photos of small critters, I've learned to notice small movements or abnormalities in the peripheral of my vision. This particular subject was about 2mm in size. Absolutely tiny! Yet, I spotted it in the corner of my eye at the top of my bookshelf.

Finding a subject like this is a pretty chance encounter. One I have to capitalize on when it happens. So I carefully capture, then set up my equipment to take photos of the subject. This happens infrequently, but enough to keep me on my toes. Sometimes, if I don't have the time to immediately photograph a subject, I'll capture it and set it up with some food or a home for a while until I do have the time.

So, while this blog post was mainly just to put something here until I can make more informative posts, here's the moral of this story; Keep your eyes open! You never know when you will have your next photo opportunity.

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